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The Essence of Faith

A THOUGHTFUL CONSIDERATION FOR TODAY: Simply by memorising the words and teachings of Ifa and transmitting them to other people like you were a tape recorder or a parrot you will never illuminate others. Unles...


When We Encounter Difficulties

From one of our members from North America When we encounter difficulties and failure and we are overwhelmed by frustration and despair, they are all telling us: “Return to Ifa-Olodumare.” When our trust ha...


Why Do We Need Sacrifice – PART 2

Ebo or what we call sacrifices are fundamental tools to induce heavenly or spiritual action and benefits to our lives. The second reason we offer Ebo  is to send messages to the unknown and we call Ebo a gre...


Why Do We Need Sacrifice and Etutu – part 1

Ebo riru and Etutu are two fundamental structures by which the principles of Ifa and the doctrine of Olodumare through Isese are established. Ebo riru or simply  “Ebo ” can not be explained or g...

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