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Why Do We Need Sacrifice – PART 2

Ebo or what we call sacrifices are fundamental tools to induce heavenly or spiritual action and benefits to our lives. The second reason we offer Ebo  is to send messages to the unknown and we call Ebo a gre...


The Divine Truth Of Moral-Spiritual Progression

Long life and good health to you by the blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase. The authentic devotee of Ifa is easily identified by his or her moral-spiritual transformation. Ifa comes into our lives to bestow divine g...


Laziness Is Incompatible With A Spiritual Life Power. Laziness And Isese Cannot Live Together.

Author of the text: Mark Casillas, one of our members from North America Ela ‘boru. Ela ‘boye. Ela ‘bosise. Lazy people waste away their time of endeavor and hence they do not succeed anywhe...


Examine Yourself

Try to examine your life through these four qualities of success and victory. Remember, every successful step needs your personal participation and effort. Desire – the beginning of great personal achieve...

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