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Examine Yourself

Try to examine your life through these four qualities of success and victory. Remember, every successful step needs your personal participation and effort. Desire – the beginning of great personal achieve...


Quality not quantity. Devotion and love and not rote ritual and mechanical rites.

Author of the text: Mark Casillas, one of our members from North America Aboru Aboye. Iba Olodumare. Today I would like us to consider the value and importance of quality, genuine devotion and heart felt dedi...


Mark of ODU IFA

One thing human beings do not realize is that we are all marked for progress, success, happiness and progress, and the  UNIVERSAL VIBRATION  also marks some individuas for destruction, losses, fear...

“Just be at peace and know with unshakeable and unwavering assurance that the divine ase will unfailingly manifest.”

Olayinka Babatunde Ogunshina Adewuyi

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