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The distinction between Irunmole and Orisa. The mystery of Odu. Part II

Previously we briefly considered the distinction between Irunmole and Orisa. Today we will consider it a little further and we will also learn about the sacred mystery of Odu. Irunmole are divine personalities ...


The distinction between Irunmole and Orisa. Part I

Good morning my great people. Your learning must be a constant and perpetual activity. When a soul stops learning then it perishes or goes into perdition. Always seek the path of wisdom  through learning. Wha...


A Powerful IFA Prayer

Aboru Aboye. This is a simple, beautiful and powerful Ifa prayer. I will surely memorize this supplication. It is full of deep meaning and esoteric wisdom. This iwure resonates deeply within me. Ifa and my own ...

“Just be at peace and know with unshakeable and unwavering assurance that the divine ase will unfailingly manifest.”

Olayinka Babatunde Ogunshina Adewuyi

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