With Chief Ogunsina Babatunde Olayinka Adewuyi

We have the pleasure to announce a course in the Odù of Ifá by use of electronic means.
The course is separated into four modules, each covering four Mejis and their omo Odú.
The course will give detailed presentations of Ifa theology and ethics related to the nature of each of the 16 mejis. In addition the course will cover the following areas:

The itans (wisdom stories) and mysteries from each of the 256 Odùs
The Orisas, powers and mystery that walks in each Odù
The rituals and ebo (sacrifice) of each Odù
The blessings, prayers and incantations of each Odù

The course will be electronic but Chief Adewuyi will personally take care of each student by clarifying questions and doubts that may arise during the study. The purpose of the course is to give those seriously interested in Ifa a complete overview, both practical, esoteric, mystical and religious of the timeless wisdom of Ifa.

Please contact Aye Akamara – Society for the Study of Ifa