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Spiritul education of IFA includes IFA SCHOOL, ORISA studies, learning of DIVINATION PROCESS teaching of IFA, teaching and learning of ODU, teaching of ORISA and ORISA studies.



It includes divination, rituals, sacrifice, initiation, giving of names and meanings, emotions and feelings and interpretation of dreams. You get spiritual help against the power of enemies and other negative vibration from IFA. An important aspect of it is overcoming personal problems.



The destinations are SPIRITUAL PLACES IN NIGERIA such as Ife, Osogbo, Idare, Oyo, Ire and other spiritual places.

Chief Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Akano Kokumo Adewuyi

Chief Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Akano Kokumo Adewuyi or Awo Ifatunde was born on the 4th of June 1958, to a royal family in Ondo state, Nigeria and Egba city in Abeokuta state. More precisely he was born in Odede Idanre to prince Oladele Abebeiran Ifawale Adewuyi and Iyaafin Arinola Ijanni Akinyogbon Adewuyi. The Yoruba people say, 'Ile la now kato somo loruko' meaning 'we must look to the culture and customs of the family before we give a name to the newborn'. Hence every Yoruba name has its meaning derived from the circumstances of birth and the particular customs of the family. By looking at the meaning of Chief Adewuyi's names we will also know more about who he is.

::Olayinka means, 'surrounded by prosperity'
::Babtunde means 'the spirit of the grandfather evolves in me' and refers to the arrival of the grandfathers soul or spirit
::Ogunsina means 'Orisa Ogun opens the way'
:: Akano means 'chosen',
::Kokumo means 'long life' and refers to Chief Adewui being abiku
:: Adewuyi means 'crown of beauty' or 'the crown is beautiful'. Anyone born to a royal family will carry the epitaph 'ade' meaning 'crown'.
::Ifatunde means 'Ifa returns'.

Prince Olayinka was the first born of eight children. He was initiated to Ifa when he was only three months and later, at the age of six his training into the mysteries, philosophy and knowledge of Ifá at commenced under the instruction of his grandfather Akinyogbon who was also called Ewe e Egbo, meaning 'leaves and roots', and received the name Awo Ifatunde. Akinyogbon was one of the most respected Babalawos in the area. The parents of Chief Adewuyi passed away while he was just a child. The circumstances of his birth were those of an abiku, what we loosely translate into “those who are born to die”. As characteristic for abiku children the veil between orun and aye was thin and Ogunsina was born with this intimate relation to the world of spirits and powers. Consequently Chief Adewuyi was initiated into Awo Imule, Awo Ayelala, Awopa and finally Ogboni society, the society of wise elders, derived from the word ogbon, 'those of cunning'. He traveled extensively in Yorubaland in order to learn the ritual customs and practices of the faith to such extent that he is now wanting to share the fruit of this training and this wisdom imparted to him for the betterment of humankind.

Baba Ifatunde spent many years studying with Babalawos from various parts of Yorubaland and came to possess an unique and rich knowledge of the totality of the wisdom of Ifá. Both because of his diligence in pursuing the study of Ifá and his spiritual constitution, being abiku, he has been gifted with a deep, rich and varied knowledge of Ifa, Orisa and its many mysteries.
His formal education is in political science from Ogun state university and he is married to Abisola Ololade Adwwuyi, a princess from Abeokuta and they have been blessed with three children. Chief Adewuyi's village is Babatunde village, some 15 km from Ile Ife.
Chief Adewuyi has lived in São Paulo, Brazil since march 1992 where he has dedicated his life to the continuing study of Ifá, for the growth of his wisdom and for positioning him self in such way that he can interact with greater efficiency with the mysterious and wonderful world of spirit. He is a man grateful to God and the spirit for all of life riches and is determined to serve mankind with dedication and devotion to the betterment of the world by making the traditional knowledge of Ifá accessible to people from all over the world. This is in accordance with his name and lot given him by Ifá.

“When you do all things with care, love, respect, truthfulness and honesty Olodumare takes personal and direct charge of all your affairs and causes all your doings to bring forth abundant and satisfying fruit.”

Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi

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