Simply by memorising the words and teachings of Ifa and transmitting them to other people like you were a tape recorder or a parrot you will never illuminate others. Unless the person who preaches embodies in himself broad life experience and true understanding and the people who come in context with are naturally influenced and enlightened (awakened), his teaching cannot be true teaching.

The full power of Ifa will not manifest in and through a person until such person makes of Ifa principles and practice the center and anchor of his life. The spirit and manner of Ifa has to be his all and everything. This divine spirit has to be assimilated by a spirit of personal and spontaneous self-initiative. The spirit, presence and power of Ifa will come and manifest in our lives without solicitation when we determine to establish ourselves in a mind that is pure and innocent and when our pursuit of truth, honesty and goodness is dauntless and heroic. Even we were to wholeheartedly devote ourselves to cultivating Ifa consciousness (Ifayelele) in our lives, thoughts, conduct and behaviour we would know the fullness of the ase and truth of Olodumare. Know that because we are the literal children of Edumare we can all experience and abide in the spirit of serenity, innocence, joy and peace. While entrusting ourselves to Ifa-Olodumare we must as the same time be resourceful and push forward by virtue of our determined efforts, otherwise we will not truly advance, grow and mature.

When we have no faith we tend to depend solely on our efforts and strength and when our faith is shallow we are liable to rely on relief, aid and salvation from without. We cannot expect to attain perfect faith from the beginning. IT is only by undergoing, confronting and experiencing many mental-emotional trials can be acquire an unassailable faith. Never lose hope. If we simply have the determined and fervent aspiration to approach Olodumare and receive His light. Olodumare will naturally protect us, guide us and lead us in the right direction. Do not forget that being thankful or appreciative is the first and most important step in approaching Olodumare and the Irunmole/Orisa. Being grateful and joyful at all times is the essence of faith. We must look upon everything brightly, as Olodumare’s benevolence.

We must be deeply grateful for all things in the universe. If we come to understand this from the depths of our hearts, then we will be unable to injure anything or anyone. We will learn to make the best use of everything. Still, being human, we are apt to have our attention caught by selfish interests and end up forgetting to show gratitude and appreciation for all the things in the universe. When ones spirit resides in the divine realm of Ile Ase (House or Realm of command, authority and power), everything around us appears benevolent. As long as one thinks ill of people, curses and despises others then no matter how great ones talents, strength, authority or fame may be, on no account can ones spirit dwell in the divine condition of Ifayelele.

God bless you all,
Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi