Ebo riru and Etutu are two fundamental structures by which the principles of Ifa and the doctrine of Olodumare through Isese are established.

Ebo riru or simply  “Ebo ” can not be explained or given  a concrete  translation into English language. It is more than sacrifices or rituals. It is the fundamental steps by which  the etheric or spiritual or heavenly bodies are appeased to, by giving or offering them what they would absorb or eat in order to carry out certain fundamental function or spiritual duties at the superior or higher level of existence. Since veil or blockage have been established to deter ordinary or physical movement to spiritual level or etheric  realm, certain objects are needed to take our desires and yearns to the level of accomplishment. Which is spiritual realm.  Nothing is achieved at ordinary level without spiritual assistance, that is, the reason we say life is a spirit and spirit is life, without spiritual aids or assistance  life has no meaning. To correct the error associated with life and to improve or aid life to reach its maximum potential call for Ebo riru  or Etutu sise.

Ebo becomes every attempt to forfeit, forgo. ive up certain habit or thought or action during the cause of worship , devotion or adoration or admiration in exchange for better or best circumstances of life. Ebo or what we ordinary called sacrifice  function at all level of life which include physical, emotional, mental  spiritual and divine level.
At physical level, ifa uses words and other material things to change evil situation or misfortune of punitive knight of heavenly doom called Ajogun or Alajogun into blessed and positive vibration.
Hence, ifa advises using of prayer at a perpetual level to change all misfortunes in our life to fortune. When a man is asked to  offer prayer daily  or everyday.  It means he needs to sacrifice his time to do  the chanting or repeating spiritual words and the host  of heaven  hear and things will change for the best.
At the mental level, entail the power to have control of ones  mind when the temptation of life arrest and chock  our mind like animal trapped in the hole or cage. Ifa then suggests the reciting of ifa verse and prayer to replace evil mental thought
at emotional level.  Ifa advises  on perpetual walking on the Mother Earth, that is Ile ogeere  and pray “that just as Mother Earth support every plant and animal in the jungle of life, the Mother Earth should support you and change the unpleasant situation into positive.”  The act of walking and praying on the Mother Earth is not just a physical activities but emotional and spiritua mode l am using the most greatest invisible power in the cosmos to change every evil emotions and feelings into better and positive energy base.
At the spiritual ifa calls for articles and materials to be used for sacrifices. The materials are called  IRARI  AKAPO meaning “buy back for the destiny or ori of the person in question”. The materials are foods used to appease specific divinities to perform certain job on our behalf at the  higher level  of life so that positive step can be made here and here-after.
Hence, we must be sincere with our sacrifice, ensure tha all materials are used to perform the right sacrifices to maintain balance at the point of unseen or point of unknown. Do you realise that the souls that failed to sacrifice become an object of sacrifice themselves and their generation pay the higher price or evil consequences. You remember obi, the woman that sought ifa advise and divination for the fruit of womb and failed to sacrifice believing that the priest would steal her sacrifice or there was no need to offer  such elaborate sacrifice. So also under Ogunda otura.  How the generation of the birds, rats, fish and animal and most stubborn human failed to offer sacrifice and they become the object of sacrifice themselves.  Always try to offer sacrifice, your generation would not only benefit from such sacrifice but your life would attune to greater forces and energies from ether and your steps shall see the light and guidance of divinities.
At the divine level it involve the using of the power of Ela  Omo Osin  Asiwaju  build  or rest on the power of fasting. Prayer   positive thought, vigil and the third eye call oju inu or the inner eyes.
Try to use all or one of the steps when doing your Ebo or etutu or your babalawo is carrying the necessary Ebo to aid your steps for spiritual or divine blessing
Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi