If we think about everything generally, there is no resistance if we are not moving, people who are not doing anything have nothing to worry or plan about, if you dont want challenges or what we call problem, just don’t do anything important in life, believe that there are times of stress, dissapointment, pressure, but keep the light of love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, prayer, fasting, and positive thinking burning, move on with your life with abundant prayer, fasting, sacrifice, ritual, initiations and other spiritual activities.

Never look down or look backward , ride on the bicycle of progress, happiness, joy , long life wealth and good health, hope on the infinite sources that you are not alone , but GOD with all his messengers are with you. Hence look forward and forward ever, so that you will not fall on the bicycle of happiness and glory , hence your challengers are happy with your downfall.

A good rider should not look down or backward but maintaining his head up to ride very well, be focused, use prayer, fasting, sacrifice, rituals and spiritual exercise as well as link between you and your source, the deep of all strength ( OLODUMARE ,GOD) you are bound to come across challenges, never bury your head in sorrow or fear or worry but stick to the power of infinite might in you to lightening all your darkness, you will see that life has more meaning than doing a simple task without challenges and difficulties.

Through that, your purpose will be revealled to you, do not be discouraged, do not cry not, do not criticise, and avoid complain, the yawning and the weeping of today. If well managed it will be a comfort of tommorrow. Prepare for challenges because they are coming to strengthen you, and to learn from them so as to come out as a better person, challenges demands your discipline, your mental discipline, your physical discipline (avoid smoking, drinking, criticism, sex immoralities complain, bitterness, anger, worry sadness and doubt) and your spiritual discipline, doing some voluntatry services to the less fortunes to compliment your divine state or your divinity, doing good produce goodness and exalt your soul, which mean godliness,

Never open your heart to vacuum, but use spiritual to attract the best life can offer, knowing that ODU,  the energy decribed by Orunmila is a positive energy that establishes the power of OLODUMARE and as well confirms his supremacy and to direct all our activities and to fulfill our purpose on earth. The importance of these energies is to be able to be busy without having time to complain, condemn, and criticise anything,  but to reach a divine pinnacle in which extreme discipline will form part of our lives.

We can live well with these energies, if we listen to its warning, hence ALWAYS SAY TO YOURSELF EVERY MORNING THAT I AM BLESSED, then challenge strengthen you, and build up your stamina to move and look forward to the glory of GOD as stated by odu (energy). With divine support, you are tougher than your challenges and that every challenges in your daily task will only give you the opportunity to acrue wisdom, and become wiser and stronger.

Let every challenge build your courage, strengthen you and remould you, and you become a refined gold ( the better person you can think off). Whenever there are challenges, you need to conquer them with persistence, prayer, perserverance and spiritual activities. Never you worry in the face of trials, problems, difficulties, slander, jeers, diffamation, obstruction, family influence, friend negative influence.

Your divinities or the divine power in you is greater that outside challenges, never look down, or bow your head in sorrow, but move on with enerrgy and spirit of OLODUMARE. Life is not just a gift or a present but it is in the responsibility to make best use of your limited time, and wrestling or fighting for what is noble and the best so that we can win the race of happiness, hence a crisis or challenges may or can lead us to greater victory, and joy.

Alafia (peace)