From one of our members from North America

When we encounter difficulties and failure and we are overwhelmed by frustration and despair, they are all telling us:

“Return to Ifa-Olodumare.”

When our trust has been betrayed or our love fulfilled, they are telling us;

“Return to Ifa-Olodumare.”

When we begin to feel that life is meaningless, empty or pointless these feelings are telling us:

“Return to Ifa-Olodumare. There can be no genuine satisfaction, peace and purpose in life without the loving presence and guiding influence of Ifa-Olodumare.”

When we see that we are losing our bearings and moral compass in life this awareness is communicating to us:

“Return to Father Ifa-Olodumare and Mother Isese. Return home where you are loved and at peace. Return home where you are safe and protected. Return to Ifa-Olodumare.”

Alafia, Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi