Remember that unjust or injustice from either man or from unknown sources are way to free your mind and your life from the evil of the past and learn that  pure lesson and true greatness evolved from inconvenient activities and challenges we call evil .  Never resent or sad or groan when you are treated unjustly or when nature beat you with sorrow and  misfortune.
Do not abandoned yourself to resentment, misery and bitterness  when passing through the fire or jungle of life. Maintain discipline to gain abundantly. Always appreciate every evil attempt to learn  what is most important  in life and every good attempt with gratitude further the blessings of life in creation.
Only fools believe in passing  through life without experience both good and bad, likewise a student passing through school without examination and tests. The wise behaves  confidently and learn from the evil of life through prayer and  unresounding faith in the infinite.  Moving forward in humility to attain eternal glory according to   Yoruba  saying “adu ni ngbehin eworo “. That sweetness end the bitter leaves. Whatever you are passing through in your life right now, never bow your head in sorrow but rather lift your head in prayer and stick to the stout faith of victory. There is always and there must always be a light at the end of the turnel.
The evil situation or challenges bring out the reality of man. Gold must pass through fire before it glitters. The faithful and the ardent believers see every challenge as a stepping stone to higher stage and perfect victory.
Remember  never to  bother yourself with the thoughts of others or actions of  your neighbour or conspirators  toward you. Your  power is within and your energy and glory cannot be taken away from you. Virtue is your protection and never believe in retaliation. Learn something from ika meji. That says, “eni ri oku osika nile to fi ese ta, ika ti di meji “, translated, that  beating  the corpse of the evil man  means double evil, that is,  evil in two or twice evil manifestation. Always show pity and divine love to all things in creation. What is the essence of your religion and faith when you cannot overlook  the shortcomings  of your neighbour or forgive yourself of evil of the past. As a spiritual man, the time of birth and the time of death is just less than a second or infinitesimal of a second, use every second to think good, do good, act good and speak good. That second may be your last breath on Earth.
Never waste any time in indulgence or frivolous activities or fight your friends or neighbour in accepting your religion  or preaching dogma in the face of multi  racial or multi cultural world. Your character and attitude will speak whether you of  godly being or evil reincarnation. The act of doing good alone is the way to eternal bliss and harmony. Otura meji speaks of a man of peace is a man that know the path of wisdom and truth.  He is a man that dwell in the bossom of God .
His words are miracle and his action are divine  and his sleep and awake are guided by the luminous and eternal  light from ether. Every creature, religion, plant and animal show the beauty of creator as a amazing creative force  in the cosmos. Different kind of flowers give different opinion about diverse energies that resides in the cosmos. Hence appreciate all things and give thanks when you see things because the hand of God is diverse creating all things to satisfying is greatness. Do not confine yourself into a shell, because of little wisdom and religion inclination of your youth.  Learn to fly higher to see that all creatures are equal on the ground of the physical existence. In the spiritual level, there is no question of religion or faith but character and attitude. Which Yoruba call IWA and the OLU IWA OR OLUWA  is the word used for God in Yoruba. PERFECT YOUR CHARACTER AND ENSURE A GOOD ATTITUDE TOWARD ALL. IT SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU.
May God bless you today and forever.