Ifayelele need not be a difficult and complex thing.

It is something profound and wonderful but simple, direct and attainable here and now. When you abide in Ifayelele you are possessed of a strong, encouraging and life giving state of pure self confidence, assurance and clarity. You know who you are spiritually speaking and you the path that you are to follow and will follow to the end. By virtue of this vision you are always motivated, inspired and encouraged come what may. All of beautiful realities are born from Ifayelele. In Ifayelele you are free from doubts and delivered from the cycle of always asking so many questions about this or that because you come to know things directly and personally. No one outside of you has to confirm your Ifayelele. But when one person in Ifayelele comes in contact with another person so established they immediately recognize each other with great joy, sweetness, respect and affection.

God bless you,
Chief Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi