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A guidance for good, healthy meaningful life.

Long life and good health to you by the blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase. The authentic devotee of Ifa is easily identified by his or her moral-spiritual transformation. Ifa comes into our lives to bestow divine ...


Coping With Anxiety, Worry, Stress and Restlessness.

Ogbo ato, asure iworiwofun. In today’s world we all at times experience moments or periods of anxiety, worry, stress and restlessness. This is a verifiable fact and natural experience of life common to al...


Ifa is the divine treasure of holy men. Heartfelt praise and devotion to the precepts of Ifa is the key to genuine peace, power, health and prosperity: An Ifa devotional.

Aboru Aboye. Long life and good health to you through the efficacious and unfailing blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase. Ifa grant your blessings as I praise and proclaim your glory, virtues and excellences, that your...

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