Aboru Aboye.

Long life and good health to you through the efficacious and unfailing blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase.
Ifa grant your blessings as I praise and proclaim your glory, virtues and excellences, that your life giving ase may give uplift, strength, enthusiasm, hope  and healing to all who consider these divine thoughts. May all who consider these words experience inner cleansing, peace, harmony, joy and holy empowerment. Ase.
Ifa, divine messenger, message and healing grace of Olodumare, we praise you! Ifa, you are competent to be King over us. In you Ifa, we find revealed the kindness, friendliness, power and gracefulness of Olodumare. Ifa, you are the wisdom and power of Olodumare. Ifa, who does not know that to know you Ifa is to know happiness, contentment and satisfaction!? Ifa, who is a better friend, relative and guide than you? Ifa, when you go to war against the enemies of truth, justice and goodness your enemies think that you are just playing!
Ifa, in your action you are more graceful than the centipede. In your patience you are more persevering than the ant! Nothing deters you from accomplishing your determined purpose.
Oh, Orunmila you who are one with Ifa and intimately united with Ifa, to know you is to know salvation, to know you is to partake of vibrant long life! Orunmila Ajana, you are the one who is young and small in stature yet great and full of wisdom. Your ways are untraceable, profound and difficult to comprehend. There is no better companion and friend in life than you. You are the one worth spending ones time with. Oh, Orunmila, are you not the one who is the owner of the large house that is high enough to see the limit of the flight of birds, oh dweller of heaven and earth?! To look upon your face is to behold the goodness, kindness and concern of Olorun. Orunmila you disarm us of our fears, worries and anxiety. Orunmila, you who are one with the Ifa spirit of limitless light and life, are you not the one who wards of imminent death?! Orunmila, you are a true friend and my father upon whom I can lean upon forever, because you are more firm and stronger than a rock. There is no one I would want to spend my time with more than you, for you are Iriju Olodumare (prime minister of Olodumare) . You know the secrets of the heart of Olodumare; and His glorious purposes are known to you because Olodumare hides nothing from you. To call upon you and rely upon you is to receive the full support, goodness and blessings of Olodumare Oba Ire. Strong, wise and powerful Orunmila, even the fierce and fearless leopard turns on its heels and flees when it sees you because it knows that it cannot ever overpower you! Homage  to you Orunmila, you who sits majestically upon the skin of the leopard! Even death honors you!
Oh Ifa! Oh Orunmila! Those who follow you as whole hearted student-disciples are in turn pursued and followed by limitless blessings, honor, longevity and prosperity. Homage to you Orunmila, who are the divine mystic who eats a lot of palm oil yet does not turn red, you are the divine sage who wrestles death into submission! To know you Ifa, to know you Orunmila is to know and experience eternal life (the divine quality of life). Is it not you Ifa who gives life and hope to one and all?! There is no failure with you. Orunmila you are the refuge from death, sorrow, fear and destruction. You are the one who teaches us how to spiritually transform and evolve through the mysteries of Ela, the Spirit of Purity, Nobility, Godliness and Salvation. Ifa you give us power to joyously and contentedly persevere, prevail and conquer our inner and outer antagonists through patience, goodness, divine spirituality and humility.
Orunmila Awimilogbon (wise teacher and guide)! Orunmila Awinrin (the one who sees and understands all things with clarity and precision)! Orunmila Oba Atayese (King empowered to rectify, heal and correct) why do not men not know that if they call upon you with simplicity, sincerity, earnestness  and good faith you would compassionately rush to bring them relief and deliverance from their troubles and afflictions?! Why do men not know that you are not far away but near, and that  a sincere and devoted thought directed towards you receives immediate recognition and response. Compassionate and kind Orunmila, you are the one who feels our sufferings as if they were your own. You are the one who delights and rejoices in our success and happiness. Orunmila, master of the sixteen principles of creation, may we never forget you and lose sight of you. It is in the early morning we praise Ifa and Orunmila. It is in the morning I wake up to salute, greet and praise Ifa.
Oh Ifa, oh Orunmila; remember me as I remember you. Do not forget me as I do not forget you. Do not forsake me as I will not abandon you! Others may forget you; others may not appreciate you, but I will not abandon you, I will not lose my appreciation towards you because I know you have done me only good. I will not hide from others my confidence and faith in you! I will never be ashamed that Ifa is my father and I am a loyal and grateful son (or daughter)! Ifa I call on you! Ela I call on you. Ifa! Ela! Receive and be pleased with the offering and sacrifice of my heartfelt praise and words of gratitude. Weigh my heart on the balance of truth, sincerity, honesty and good faith and bless me according the the measure, weight and quality of my heart! Ifa you live in my heart and no where else! Ifa I live in your heart and no where else! Ifa you and I are surely united. We are one! For many life times Ifa have I been following you and you have been following me! Who can understand this mystery of friendship, love and respect between you and I. Countless times I have come from Orun (pre-mortal divine spirit world) to Aye (earth) and countless times I have ascended from aye to orun, and in all my my journeying you have been with with like the loyal and trustworthy friend that you are.
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! Your excellences and perfections cannot be enumerated. In one fell swoop no one can attain to your sublime status or condition, but little by little I seek to be firmly established in Ifayelele. Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! Many are my defects and flaws, but one sure virtue do I have and that is that I do not forget nor neglect you, and that to the best of my ability I trustingly and humbly exert myself to obey you as a son obeys a loving, caring, gentle and wise father. Ifa may I never forget you! Ifa may you never forget me.
A man can have many material goods and riches of all sorts and yet be far from you. Ifa may I never forget you, may I never be far from you. May you Ifa, be my inexhaustible treasure of inestimable value.
A man can be endowed with great intelligence, wisdom and ability and yet be far from you. Ifa may I never forget you, may I never be far from you. May you Ifa, be my intelligence, wisdom and ability.
A man can be a partaker of great affluence and be endowed with a great following and yet be far from you and your ways. Ifa, may I never forget you, may I never be far from you. May you Ifa, be my charisma and may I be masterful in my following of you.
A man can be a partaker of good physical health and well being yet be spiritually unhealthy and impoverished. Ifa, may I never forget you, may you never be far from me. May, you Ifa, impart to me mental, emotional and spiritual serenity and vitality. May I be inwardly healthy, strong and robust. Ifa, may you be my strength, stamina and vitality.
A man can be outwardly happy, content and satisfied and yet be far from you. Ifa, may I never forget you, may I never be far from you. May you Ifa, confer upon me the grace and means, to have and enjoy genuine, deep and lasting happiness, contentment and satisfaction.
Oh Ifa! Oh Orunmila. You are fully aware that our lives upon this earth are often beset with afflictions, sorrows, adversities and challenges of all sorts. Ifa, you know that at times we are under stressors and pressures that rob us of clarity and the resolve to always do what is right.

Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! We must admit before you that at times we fall short and stray from the proper path you have shown us, due to ignorance, despondency, stress or neglect. Ifa, extend the mantle of your compassion, gentleness, understanding and forgiveness upon us. Ifa uplift us, mend and heal our personal lives.
Ifa, if I have offended you please do not demand of me sacrificial offerings but instead grant me Ifa, unconditional remission as you did for the people of the town of tranquility. Ifa I take full responsibility for my choices and actions and ask of you for the gift of strength and understanding to correct myself and do what is right, proper and acceptable before you.
Ifa, if I have offended you please do not demand of me a sacrificial offering, instead grant me Ifa, complete remission, as you did for the people of the land of tranquility. Ifa lead me and empower me on the path of good conscience.
Ifa, if I have offended you by harming, injuring or deceiving others by my thoughts, words and actions please do not demand of me a sacrificial offering. Ifa, I resolve before you to make what reparations I can and I now renew my vow to proceed henceforth with honesty, truthfulness, kindness and integrity. Ifa, grant total remission and complete forgiveness as you did the people of the town of tranquility. May I be pursued by the blessings of a good character.
Forgive me great King, the forgiving King. May it be so.
Oh Ifa. Oh, Orunmila you know my great reverence and affection towards you. You are my joy and delight night and day. When I look upon my sacred Ikin Ifa, I see much more than sacred black kernels of the holy palm tree. When I look upon my mysterious, sacred, powerful and beautiful, black Ikin kernels I immediately am reminded of you Orunmila, the holy sage of black hue who came from Iketi, and with great kindness, thoughtfulness,  perseverance, and power of character and personality served the people and filled their lives with meaning, hope and values. Oh Orunmila! You served, remembered and cared for so many but only few truly appreciated, loved and remembered you in their hearts. Orunmila may I never forget you. May I always appreciate and value you.
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! When I look upon my sacred, wonderful and powerful Ikin Ifa, I behold more than just alluring black kernels from the sacred palm tree. Orunmila Awinrin! When I look upon my Ikin, each with four beautiful eyes, it reminds me that you Orunmila are always with me and that you are always looking out for me. Just like the Ikin Ifa with four eyes, you too Orunmila have four spiritual eyes with which you see, survey and comprehend fully the events of the past, present, future and the timeless realm of Olodumare and Irunmole! Orunmila may I never forget you. May I always appreciate and value you.
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! When I look upon my sacred, attractive and divine  Ikin Ifa, I see more than just sacred black kernels from the holy palm tree. I know that your gentle, powerful and divine fiery (active) presence, power and ase is within Ikin and envelops them. I know that through my Ikin you receive my hospitality, friendship, affection and the outpourings of my heart. Your strength, wisdom, gentleness and power are communicated to me by Ikin through which I am empowered, motivated, divinely informed and inspired! When I looked upon you Ifa I recall the sixteen principles of creations by which Olodumare brought all things into existence, upholds them and guides them to perfection! Ikin are small in size and seem to be powerless but just like you Orunmila who were small in stature and unassuming in appearance yet you were and are filled with fathomless sagacity, gracefulness, sanctity and power! Orunmila may I never forget you. May I always appreciate and value you.
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila may you always respond to my call and act on my behalf when I call upon you. May I not have to wait long to experience and see your relief, salvation and consolation. May you hear me and descend immediately, when in sincerity and earnestness I call upon you. May you never say to me Ifa:
My son (or daughter) I have heard your call and will not descend because I have nowhere to affirm my feet!”
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila, may my heart be the place of the descent of your presence, power and ase. May my sincere (clean heart) be your spacious, proper and pure dwelling place! 
Oh, Ifa! Oh, Orunmila! May my intelligence, conscience and spirit be one with you in quality. May my heart and intelligence be an extension of you Ifa, great, wonderful and unfailing oracle, guide, mentor and friend.
May my conduct and behavior honor you and make your heart rejoice and delight in me.
Ela Ela! Praise and reverence to you.
Ela Ela! Imbue me with your light, truth and purity.
Ela Ela! May the sacrifice and offering of my praise, words of acknowledgment and gratitude be accepted.
Ela Ela! May my spirit, heart and mind soar above to Ile Ase (divine house of power, command and authority) to receive comfort, strength, wisdom, sanctity, consolation and godly power.
Ela Ela! Spirit of purity, truthfulness, honesty, courage, godliness, authority and power lead me on your path and grant me access to treasury of the divine gifts and blessings of Olodumare.
Ela Ela! Bless and prosper me so that I may be able to bring something new, original, needful and beneficial to this ailing and hurting world from the limitless treasure store of Olodumare Oba Aiku, that will contribute to the uplift, healing and rectifying of humanity.
Ela mo yin aboru.
Ela mo yin aboye.
Ela mo yin abosise.