Ifayelele is the quality of spirit and mind enjoyed by Olodumare and the Irunmole/Orisa. It is characterized by certainty, serenity, wholesomeness and freedom from all that defiles, impurifies, taints, perturbs, and oppresses the heart/mind. It is a state of abiding positivity, joy, peace and clarity. It is also the state of being in which the powers of ones soul begin to emerge and manifest in original diversity. Ifayelele in its highest and most developed state is the condition of spiritual-moral-emotional and intellectual maturity.

In Ifayelele one perceives things with clarity and ones sees things as they truly are and not as they seem. In Ifayelele one is able to know and discern the present actual qualities and intentions of people with exactitude. A person established in Ifayelele sees things from the root and is not subject to the deception of others. A person in Ifayelele is humble, proceeds with good faith, kindness and does not humiliate or embarrass others neither does he reveal the shortcomings or faults of others to anyone. A person developed and cultured in Ifayelele can perceive the hidden wholesome and unwholesome qualities and activities of people yet he treats them all with equanimity, good prospects, positivity and impartiality. In Ifayelele there is no desire or intention to be judgmental or competitive. One is at peace with oneself, the world and the Divine. In Ifayelele ones sees and brings out the best in everyone.

The man or woman established in Ifayelele disarms others easily of their fears, anxieties, worries and insecurities and in exchange gives them hope, strength, dignity and confidence.  In Ifayelele one inspires confidence in others immediately by the power of the authority, divine clarity and charisma that is at work within which others immediately and directly perceive, feel and are moved by. One sees with the divine eye of Ifa and one shares in the sentiment of the Irunmole. Another symptom of Ifayelele is the ability to easily adopt to changing conditions and to be able to maintain peace, calm and serenity in the midst of adversity and problems.

In terms of growth and development the knowledge of Ifayelele is all important because the purpose of our creation is to reach fullness of Ifayelele. The sign and symptom of someone who has entered the stream, current or realization of Ifayelele is that such a person is no longer subject to retrogression morally and spiritually. The person who awakens and matures in Ifayelele is free from doubts, knows the reality of Olodumare, Ifa and the Irunmole/Orisa and is disposed to pursuing only those things that are noble, worthwhile and approved by the wise.

The divine realm is not a matter of speculation, guesswork or mere hopeful belief to the man or woman established in Ifayelele. The spiritual realm is an absolute experiental and verified reality in Ifayelele and as such one becomes established in truth and becomes a partaker of an unshakeable faith, confidence and certainty that no amount of vain reasoning or foolhardy logic can dispel. What ones physical eyes and light are to a human being is what Ifayelele is to the spirit of the truly spiritually awakened and confident man or woman. Ifayelele is light, true sight, clarity and deep discernment. Ifayelele is accurate and complete understanding of ones existential reality. Self responsibility, integrity and thorough going honesty or transparency are the traits of a person who has become established in Ifayelele. The experience of Ifayelele is the fruit of deliberate spiritual effort joined and inseparable from the gift of the outpouring and reception of divine ase.

When one has a substantial and significant spiritual growth spurt that causes one to experience and know the reality of the influence, power and presence of ase, one can be said to have experienced ones entry into Ifayelele. Ifayelele is a purifying and ongoing, developing and progressive experience. Ifayelele experience is a catharsis of the mind, emotions, heart and spirit conferring healing, renewal and restoration. Ifayelele cleanses, purifies and releases one from negative, injurious and destructive energies, emotions, thoughts and feelings. It heals the heart and makes one strong and fearless. Ones initial experience of Ifayelele (divine awakening) is marked by a new sense of wonder, awe, respect and love for oneself, humanity and the divine. One sees and experiences things with a new and lofty perspective.

The beginning of Ifayelele is experienced in ones life when one becomes consciously aware of the divine realm and the spiritual life. When a person initially has this clear and unshakable conviction and affinity, he or she has had a momentary awakening or Ifayelele experience.

Ifayelele is a conversion, transformative  and/or awakening experiences which changes ones perspective, attitude and manner of life. It changes ones relationship to the world. The initial experience of Ifayelele is powerful, wonderful, simple and life changing and can be compared to being consciously born into the spiritual reality. It is a new birth, a new beginning, a new development and unfoldment of ones inner life. It is something that deeply and permanently changes and transforms your outlook and fills you with great joy, certainty, meaning and purpose.

Ifayelele makes one fearless and fills one with a sense of worth. Ifayelele is something that one discovers and enters into through a process of struggle, inquiry and seeking to finds one true center and faith in life. Ifayelele is something that happens to you but when it happens, by virtue of that experience one is enabled to see, understand and know why it happened and how it happened. No one can give you Ifayelele but when you obtain it you know that you have it. It the sacred treasure of inestimable value. Nothing can compare to it. When you have it you are no longer seeking for answers and are no longer seeking for this or that. In Ifayelele one has already found or been found by the great divine reality. Without effort Ifayelele cannot be had but at the same time Ifayelele is not the fruit of bare and unaided effort. Your effort, struggle, seeking, longing and tears….your many ups and downs… prepare you for Ifayelele. In Ifayelele your personal power and effort and Divine power and initiative becomes one. There are countless ways whereby a person enters the stream, current and/or realization of Ifayelele. There is no one size fit all method for Ifayelele attainment.

The secret to entering, awakening and being continually refreshed and renewed in Ifayelele is to honestly and fearlessly pursue ones spiritual affinities. Ifayelele is divine inspiration, courage, power, divinely given certainty and confirmation which is in union with the verifying certainty of your own conscience and intelligence. This is the key: Honestly pursue your spiritual affinities and obey your conscience.  If you are told more than this you will lose out on the power, meaning and value of your own Ifayelele experience when it happens to you. It is kind of like if someone in advance gives you the punch line of a joke then that information or knowledge will rob you of your joy, awakening of happiness, spontaneous response and discovery. In Ifayelele you have learned to connect the dots of your life and have unraveled the profound, beautiful and mes igual mystery of your life. Once you have personally tasted Ifayelele you will know in what way and manner to cultivate, exercise it and experience it more deeply and with ever increasing clarity (understanding). Some can be filled and overpowered by Ifayelele during their participation in sacred rites where the divine energies are powerfully present. Some experience and awaken to Ifayelele by being in association with someone who is established in Ifayelele. Others feel the fullness of Ifayelele through their devotion to prayer, meditation and fasting. Some are made strong in Ifayelele during their recitation of sacred Ifa verses or during their singing of sacred songs to Olodumare and the Irunmole/Orisa.

There is no doubt that Ifayelele is a stage reached as a result of life of searching, spiritual practice, interaction with the divine powers, self-cultivation, reflection and effort. There are many ways which are valid and true which serve at catalysts and agencies of the transmission of Ifayelele. Ifayelele is something that fills your awareness and causes you to want to improve, grow and develop without anyone having to push you or encourage you. It is a power, a divine dynamic potency at work within which one consciously experiences as well as a divine state of consciousness to be cultivated, nurtured and protected. To want to enter and know Ifayelele with your own life and experience it is to know that Ifayelele awakening is near. The surrounding light of Ifayelele causes you to want it and seek for it more than anything else. It becomes your consuming passion and you will not be content or satisfied until the light of Ifayelele not only surrounds, guides and purifies you from without but until it enters you and fills you.

To want Ifayelele you have to truly want truth more than any else. You have to be willing to cut out of your life all non-essentials. Ifayelele cannot be a part time affair or a passing interest. It requires a wholehearted and personal commitment, a commitment not imposed upon you from without from anyone or anybody. Ifayelele is the confidential heart, center, mystery and priceless treasure of Ifa. The authentic aspiration for Ifayelele attainment must be a spontaneous response on your part to the call of the divine ase upon your life. You have to be willing and able to sacrifice anything that stands in your way to its attainment. You need to have zeal, calm follow through, strong determination and fervor. You have to be continuously hungry and thirsty for it…without this you will never attain it.

What I am authorized to tell you for your benefit is that if you are serious about attaining Ifayelele then be courageous, brave and determined to be completely dedicated to the pursuit of your honest spiritual affinities. A man or woman of Ifayelele is not and cannot be consumed and weighed down with the thoughts and opinions of others. You have to be true to yourself, your conscience and your personal real inner experiences. There is no place for make believe and fantasy in this pursuit. Ifayelele is a real attainment for realistic people. Ifayelele comes from Ifa-Olodumare. Ifayelele is born of truth, honesty and integrity. It arises from the root of your spirit. The seed of Ifayelele is already within you. In fact it is you. It needs only to receive light, water and nourishment of the divine kind.