There are many spiritual practices taught by Ifa and taught by various Irunmole/Orisa in Odu Ifa for entrance, growth and development of Ifayelele.

One does not need to know them all and practice them all just like when you are not feeling well you do not need to take all the medicines available at the pharmacy. You use only what you need to treat your ailment. Ifayelele is your personal awakening or eureka moment when you discover and realize you divine spiritual nature nature and are filled and enveloped by a power of divine sweetness, divine enthusiasm, motivation, interest and peace. You very clearly live constantly in a state of divine awareness where you are sensitive to, receptive to and responsive to the activity of Ifa, the Irunmole/Orisa, your Ori and the guiding and confirming power of Olodumare ase.

By practicing and cultivating those things that you personally can experience that gives you spiritual strength, power, comfort, assurance, self-esteem and self-confidence you grow and mature in Ifayelele provided that you have initially  first of all awakened to Ifayelele and entered into the stream, current and realization of Ifayelele. Ifayelele experience confirms itself. Study and meditate on Odu Ifa and that instruction, practice or principle which captures your attention and motivates you pursue that. It is not a matter of saying do this or do that because the affinities, temperaments, intellectual and spiritual faculties of people differ.

But one practice is common and universal to all: Personal prayer and self-reflection. In this instance self reflection means carefully thinking about the principles and teachings brouhaha in Odu Ifa. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking in which Odu Ifa can I find all of these things easily and conveniently arranged and presented so that I can take it in. Right. You will not find it anywhere that way. It does work that way. Ifa has been set up by Orunmila in such a way that only, only and only the dedicated and serious student can discover and find its treasures. Just like a bouquet of flowers is made by a combining of many flowers but these flowers have to be gathered from different places.

Gold, Silver, Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds are precious and valuable but they are not sitting on top of the earth in one place waiting to be easily picked up and gathered by someone by accident or ‘good luck’. No. Not ever. To get to these precious stones and metals you have to invest your time, effort, consecration, intelligence and resources to find them and bring them out of the earth after much labor.

Mother Ile is not just going to give them to you. Ifayelele is the same. I will give you a word of guidance that will meet your spiritual need and will answer your questions for you: Cultivate and practice those things relating to Ifa and Irunmole/Orisa devotion that inspires, motivates and inspires you and the rest will come of its own. There are certain mysteries or secrets of Ifa and Irunmole/Orisa devotion that will lose their power and effectiveness if they are just given, handed over to you or just explained to you without you previously doing the work of search, study and practice. Authentic inner spiritual longing and truthful following of ones conscience and intelligence is indispensable in this effort and discovery.  If you are power filled when you practice Iwure then do not abandon that discipline. If you are power filled ministering above the Opon Ifa then continue that. If your strength and power is revealed and experienced by being an adept spiritual counselor, guide, and seer then cultivate that and do not abandon it. If you are filled with divine enthusiasm, power and divine energy because you are a masterful priest adept at conducting divine rites of empowerment then continue that and do not abandon it. If you follow this principes you will discern, experience and know Ifayelele ‘in between the lines’ of Odu Ifa. True dedication and not superficial curiosity is required. The truths and principles of Ifayelele can be communicated by words only between two people who have been established in Ifayelele. If you just give detailed talks or explanations about it people will think that they have entered Ifayelele because they have the words and explanations regarding it. The descriptive words and explanations which are used to define Ifayelele is not Ifayelele. Those words spring forth from Ifayelele. Talking about health and exercise is not the same as actually enjoying good health and practicing exercise and healthy diet. In other words Ifayelele springs from practical endeavors and spiritual activities.

I hope these words clarify things for you and are adequate to set you on the correct path. You have to discover this astounding and life giving condition in your own but these words of guidance will take you there if you internalize and practice them. Ifayelele is not a thing to be talked and philosophized about. It is something to be discovered, realized and actualized in ones life with simplicity, humility and no drawing attention to oneself.

Peace and blessings to you. Blessings of Ela and Orunmila be with you.

Olayinka Babatunde Ogunsina Adewuyi