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Without truthfulness, uprightness and integrity one cannot be a follower of Ifa or a true human being.

Itaniji Okanran Ajangbile (Ifa discourse based on Okanran Oworin).   Holy Odu Ifa Okanran Oworin: ‘Whether You Do Good Or Not Is For Your Own Benefit, (this was the name of the awo) who consulted Ifa...


The Divine Truth Of Moral-Spiritual Progression

Long life and good health to you by the blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase. The authentic devotee of Ifa is easily identified by his or her moral-spiritual transformation. Ifa comes into our lives to bestow divine g...

Oracle Or Divination?

Blessings of long life and prosperity to you by the unfailing and efficacious blessings of Iworiwofun. Ase. Today I would like us to briefly consider the interesting subject of Ifa in its aspect as a divinely ...

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