Good morning my great people. Your learning must be a constant and perpetual activity.
When a soul stops learning then it perishes or goes into perdition. Always seek the path of wisdom  through learning. What I want to share with you this morning is information about the distinction between Irunmole, Orisha and Odu.
First of all Irunmoles are different from Orisas. Many people confuse the two and use the words Irunmole and Orisa as if they are the same or as if they are two different words referring to same entity: that is they interchange the two words as if they mean the same thing.
To be best of the my abilities and knowledge of things and of the wisdom I acquired from my father these two words are not identical and do not refer to the same entities
Irunmole are entities created directly from Olodumare who represent  eternity. They cannot taste the bitterness of death nor suffer any consequence of their acts or actions because they always operate on the level of the divine laws of life. Both their names and natures are divine or holy from the moment of their creation. They transcend physical, mental, spiritual and cosmic levels of existence. They are purely divine. They ways of thinking, perceiving and acting transcends that of mankind and other beings who have become divine through a process of growth and evolution. Because the Irunmole operate from such an elevated perspective and all embracing divine understanding people at times see them as evil because they believe that the Irunmole act contrary to divine laws in creation. They do not. They live in complete harmony with the divine laws and express themselves accordingly. It is absolutely untrue that they act
contrary to divine norms because at all level sof existence there are laws that no single entity can change  what has been created from the beginning of life. Besides Supreme Olodumare will not work contrary to his divine strature, glory and plan. Indeed Olodumaee advises his own creation to act and abide by the divine laws so that  they will not suffer undesirable and negative consequences. In addition to upright conduct we can overcome negative effects through self-correction and the utilizing of  extensive prayer, sacred rituals, supplication, initiations, illumination, fasting  and other divine activities which are performed and carried out, thereby drawing upon ourselves divine compassion and mercy by which things can be made to change.
One important thing though: We MUST be obedient followers of Olodumare to reap the benefits of the divine plan. That is the main reason we must learn and have knowkedge of these Irunmole and Orisa and abide with their ways of life adhering to their divine life for generational mercy and blessings.
Prime among these primordial divine beings are Obatala oseremagbo,  or Obatala obatasa oba tanko tanko ni ile iranje. He represents and is the embodiment of purity, honesty, clarity, transparency, straightforwardness, sterling character, faithfulness, divine love and fidelity.
Orunmila bara agbonniregun. Heepa baba imole! Orunmila represents and is the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, perseverence, patience and compassion. Orunmila is the one uniquely able to reveal the mystery of the divine and spiritual plane of existence.
Ela omo osin lagotun or Ela opitan. Ela represents maitaculous power, wonders, unassailable safety, security, forgiveness and compassion. Ela represents and is the embodiments of transformative power, irresistible charisma and extraordinary attaintments of superhuman feats that bring benefit, upliftment, inspiration and empowerment to the creation in general and to the devotee of Ela in particular.
Esu lalu ogiri oko or Esu Elegbaara. Esu is the divine messenger of Olodumare and me the deliverer of divine messages of the divinities to their devotee’s. Esu is the receiver and guardian of divine power (ase). Esu is the divine minister of justice and is empowered to enforce the divine laws ofcreation. He gives according to your deed. He protects and defends the rights of the law abiding.
Ogun lakaiye osin imole or Ogun onire  okunrin ogun. Ogun represents and is the embodiment of raw power,  endurance, courage, strength ruggedness and total victory. Ogun is the defender and guardian of truth. He is also a royal divinity. In the absence of Obatala in the assembly of the divinities it is Ogun who sits in authority in the counsel of the gods. Ogun represents persistence and strong determination. Ogun is also the spirit of engineering, creativity, hunting, farming and warriorship.
Ogun is skilled in many skills and sciences. He is also an expert master of Ifa. The life and wisdom of Ogun is very deep and multifaceted. Ogun prefers death before dishonor. Ogun values rectitude more than life. He is a great and wonderful divinity. He is loyal and faithful and compensates handsomely his devotee’s for their dedication and service to him.
Sango olugbode ara bambi.  Note: There are two differents Sangos. The first Sango came with the first set of divinities or irunmole to the world and the second Sango was born as a man and later became a king in the city called Oyo Ile. When he died he becam an Orisa because of his power, attitude and habits. His followers worshiped him and later his worship spread over the entire human race.
Like the Yoruba phrase states: Ojo a ba ku la ndere; that is at death man turns into deity. Sango represents fearlessness, thunder, wind, the power which is able to intimidate all wrong doers. He is the unstoppable force of God He represents fire, light and the unlimited capacities of man to attain all objectives and life plans.
Oro this is ancestral divinity  that came and followed other divinities to the world of physical plain and transformed at the point of death.  Oro represents the spiritual understanding of physical and likewise the wisdom of the spiritual is attained and understood at the physical level of existence
Try to understand one great point, these irunmoles or primordial entities have no beginning of days nor end of days. As they came to the world so they went back to the divine plane through mystical transformation. Because of their unique nature everything about them was shrouded in pure mystery and secrecy. Only the initiated devotee’s of these Irunmole can know them at depth.
Orisa were once human beings but through their extraordinary works  and activities in the physical plane or aye akamara  they turned into great messengers of God and they were later revered and adored by the people. This actually led to deification, immortality and worship by people  throughout the world till today. Most of these orisas include:
Osun inu ibu or yeye osun yengeye.  She represents inner power, beauty,  energy, dominion and  attractions. Osun is also known as the manly woman because of her courageousnes, bravery, fearlessness and fierceness in protecting the right and privileges of all, especially those of women and children. Osun is also an expert interpreter of the cowrie shell oracle. Osun was a wife of Orunmila and is an expert in Ifa.
Sango olukoso akasa yeriyeri oko oya.  Ina loju ina lenu . The king of Oyo. He represents human transformation into larger than life entity.
Ewa. One of the greatest and favorite wives of Sango the King of Oyo Alaafin. She represents beauty, courage and the ability to win in all competitive steps.
Aasa is another reputable wife of the great King of Oyo. She represents simplicity, attention and dynamic  power.
Osossi is the first hunter and reputable wise, and faithful follower and friend of Ogun Onire. He represents wisdom, cunning, understanding and hunting power of man in creation. He knows the trials of life and how to walk among them. He is a master tracker and hunter. He represents honor, integrity, diligence, hardworking and extraordinary intelligence.
There are many others. In the next installment or part I will write some more of Irunmole. I will also discuss the mysteries of Odu. 
ALAFIA, Olayinka Babatunde Ogunshina Adewuyi