Aboru Aboye.

This is a simple, beautiful and powerful Ifa prayer. I will surely memorize this supplication. It is full of deep meaning and esoteric wisdom. This iwure resonates deeply within me. Ifa and my own life experiences has previously made known to me they we can convert poison into medicine. We are able to gain and manifest power of the soul through the ‘poisons’ of adversity, trials, opposition, temptation and challenge. From these poisons we should not run from. We should utilize them to convert them until medicine and longetivity by overcoming, persevering and prevailing against them. Just like the medicine which cures us from the venom of the snake is made from the same poisonous venom in like manner we can gauge virtue, spiritual power and divine radiance by courageously confronting and sublimating these poisons into life giving medicines. There is so much meaning and application that can be unpacked and brought out from this single prayer of Ejiogbe. Whoever fervently recites this prayer will be surrounded by and filled with the light of Ifa. There is deep power, meaning and grace in this prayer. I particularly appreciate the symbolic meaning of the igbi bin laboriously and perseveringly moving through the rough grains of sand and ‘eating, the poison like sand yet gaining strength, resilience and longevity as a product of its effort, exercise and determination to keep moving against the bothersome, cumbersome and irritating resistance. This prayer on the surface looks like a simple poetic analogy but us in fact permeated with many divine lights, powers and truths. Ifa is truly astounding in how it communicates its sacred meaning, power and benefit. The words of this simple but profound prayer was arranged by a masterful and holy seer, sage and priest. Simply beautiful and unassumingly powerful.

The verse under ejiogbe or ogbe meji:

Orunmila koo fi yedenu
Koo fi de kun
Ko fi yede gbogbo ara
Ifa koo seti were
Orunmila koo ro wale aye
Ki o jebo  nan I fin
Ko o  je ru o da
Ifa jee a saye re
Ki ire yi o dode orun gbure gbure  bayi ifa

A difa fun igbin nla ti o  jele ti  o ni ku
Igbin jele , omo awo
Igbin jele e si ku mo
Igbin jele omo awo
Jee won gbo
Ki won to  bayi ifa

Translation under ejiogbe
Orunmila calmly hear our supplications
Merciful accepts our prayers
Compassionayely receive our desire
Give full attention to our request
Orunmila we ask you to descend on Earth
Accept our sacrifice
Grant our desire and needs
Grant us happiness in life
Let our prayer ascend to the highest heaven
Thus declare ifa to the Giant Snail
Anything you eat , even the sand of the Earth
Shall make you live long

Devotees and disciples  of ifa are Giant Snail with absolute patient to live long
That eat poison and live long
Bless all good and faithful devotees with long life , sound health and victory