One thing human beings do not realize is that we are all marked for progress, success, happiness and progress, and the  UNIVERSAL VIBRATION  also marks some individuas for destruction, losses, fear, worry, sickness, and failure called in IFA as AJOGUN ORUN (Ajogun orun are the  forces responsible for losses, problem with justice, sorrow, diseases, illness , sickness and death ). Marks   are the  secret signs  of OLODUMARE  to identify who will be blessed and who are to be cursed.  Marks are emblems  of divine sign  to separate the the chosen from the unchosen, the signs that   differentiate the wise (awo) from the fool (ogberi). Likewise IFA marks,  are the  secret knowledge of ORUNMILA to identify problem, arising from earthly disorder and the heavenly punitive knights of doom.
IFA marks are mystical codes  and divinie signs to gain freedom from evil vibration and to attract  the attention of GOD and his numerous  divinities and  unknown deities  in the cosmos, so that our happy lot can be preserved and our misfortune can be eradicated or eliminated with these marks if properly used and applied to deter problems.  Hence, every IFA devotees and men of wisdom must learn the various sign or marks of each odu and use it to gain victory over Ajogun orun (punitive Knight of heavenly doom) and all earthly attack .

Use the sign or the mark at the first day of  the week or the first day of the years, or the first hour of the day give you a great spiritual power and divine strength to attract the bundle of unseen divine power  to whatever you do or  think or perform  that day, or that week or that year . IFA sayss, the marks  attract   and install  positive vibration  to your life  and improve your relationship with GOD and his numerous messengers and your guiding divinity.

The marks are sign of harmony, peace and serenic atmosphere to bring into harmony or  contact the seen and the unseen, the material and the ideal, the physical and the spiritual, the tangible and intanglibl , the higher force and the lower  energy, there by creating a conducive and harmonious environment for the victory of the weak and the happiness of the superior.

The marks ensure that the tangible and the material or the seen are guarded and guided  in the cosmos, tutored, protected and directed by the divinities responsible for the life victory and life success. The marks are also a medium to enable the wise one to pass through the jungle and fire of life without  being hurt  by the unseen forces of punitive knights of heavenly doom ( AJOGUN OR ALAJOGUN)  – which is the power from the ether or the negative power from unknown that consumes and affects every life in  the world.

The mark deter power of:
Elenini (those that hate you for no just reason),
– Omo Araiye ( the witches and wizards of the world that are bend to destroy your fortune, if you are not intelligent enough to deter their forces through sound spiritual enlightenment),
– Aseni (the imperfect energies and the enemies within the family, or enemies that pretend to be  friends that constantly disturb the peace of  your life and the harmony  of the member of the family and also the happiness and the success of the members of your group,
Olori-kuku (the stubborn ones, if not curbed want to see that  you  are  consumed by the negative forces of charms, rituals and sacrifices,
Inunibini (the evil thoughts and constant evil thinking, doubt, anger that normally crop up in our hearts or  the  mind  of evil  thoughts affecting our progress, our success and attract other abundant evil thoughts from ether or world around  to crash us  or crash other whom we hold in our thoughts’)
arogosajuologo (those that see your blessing before manifesting and have the power to influence  your fortune and happiness and these power also force you to fight or betray your helper or your mentors).
IFA says: “Evil thoughts affect our progress and our destiny, our happiness, our success and establish a strong negative power in our environment. If not  curbed it  can be a destructive  mechanism to tear away the family and caused a lot unreparable damages, not only to our lives but to our future generations.”
There is also ancestral curse (epe tabi eegun idile) which  must be rectified through iwure (prayer), etutu (rituals), ebo (sacrifices), isese (traditional spiritual steps), itefa (initiation), isera (fasting), ohun (power of spiritual words), ogede owuro (early morning spiritual incantation), ikora-eni- ni-ijanu (discipline and self control) and iwa (sound moral or good  character). Through daily use of  the mark sign of odu odu proper  things will change for the best.

We should always try to mark the sign to enable us get over evil thoughts, evil establishment, evil desire  of others and evil manifestation from the ether.

The mark destroys  the power outside home or fight on our behalf in the unseen world. The mark separates or  demarcates our path and our ways from those who are mark for destruction. The odu  mark is a mark of  victory,  a sign of success  and also attraction to goodness from ether. The mark are touch of Divinity (OLODUMARE)  and symbol of higher spiritual forces. IFA says it is a mark of life, victory and success.

This week , we shall mark Oyeku iwori to push us to the line of happiness, victory, success joy, strength, power, health, peace and harmony, the mark will also deter the power of envy, and jealous from others AGAINST  us and from us to others  or the mark deter  destructive power within, that are responsible for our abitrary habits and character that are not conform to divine glory. The mark is as follows:


When waking up in the morning or after midnight, mark the odu on IFA tray or white plate with one obi , orogbo , atare and cowries  to trigger extra-ordinary  forces of OLODUMARE  and set on motion the power of all divinities, to take control of your life and the lives of those you love. The mark must be performed  in fasting or before you eat very early in the morning . Never eat whenever you want to perform this kind of rituals, ensure that you are in a complete harmony devoid of food, water and sex.

Remember that IFA verse or prayer (most IFA verses are prayer to deter evil manifestation and to aid you to success) can be  chanted in your local language.

may God bless you