May God bless you always. May the power of Almighty be your strength and your life. The purpose of this text is on faith.

Faith and purpose constitute the motive power and foundation of life. There is nothing that strong faith and an determined purpose may not accomplish. By daily exercise of silent faith, the energy and the power of man are gathered together and by perpetual strengthening of silent purpose, the power are directed towards the object of accomplishment. Before you can hope to enter into any measure of victory, blessing and success and usefulness, you must learn how to focus your thought forces by indulging and cultivating quietness and calmness. No matter what kind of job or service you are rendering for others including those who are in the business, you may suddenly confronted with some extremely difficult situation or probably disaster. You grow fearful, anxious and worry and you are at your possible end. To persist in such an evil state of mind and emotion would be a great disaster, for when anxiety steps in, correct judgment may be difficult to attain. If you will take advantage of a quiet hour or two in the early morning or at night and go away to some solitary place or in your room in the house where you know you will be free from noise or disturbance and having seated yourself in an easy habit, you forcibly direct your mind right away from the object of anxiety by dwelling upon something in your life that is pleasing, you will find that a calm, spiritual strength will gradually steal into your mind and your anxiety will pass away. Learn to use prayer and spiritual devotion to bring back your mind and re-establish it on the plane of peace and harmony. Never allow your mind to wander in the tumultuous ocean of worry and anxiety, that is deadly for successful steps and positive atmosphere. There is a divine solution to all mind that search for the existence of infinite power Of God through prayer and faith. Hence faith; prayer and calming spirit or soul attract the right course to pursue and the proper end to all problems. Make prayer and faith your daily spiritual food and drinks.
Doubtless is the foundation of hopelessness and failure. The doubting soul has failed from the beginning of any investment or purpose. To worry or anxious is to doubt the great cosmic power that colored the universe, bring about the seeds, leaves, vegetables and fruits you put on your table on daily basis. The power that put all things rights and the energy that create your body that house the soul which is the mark of the great cosmic power in your being and life. To fear, anxious and doubt is to defeat the energy of life. Be guided absolutely by the habit and vision of calmness, faith and work. Faith does not stand still. It is the working power of the Omnipotent God to illuminate your being and steps. The hour of calmness, prayer and faith while working or remain quite is the hour of illumination and correct judgment. By such a course of mental discipline, the scattered thought forces are united and directed, like the rays of the searchlight , upon the problem at issue with the result that it gives way before them.
There is no difficulty, however great that will not yield before a calm and powerful faith and strong believe in the Almighty.
Hence try to defeat the enemies within and the adversaries without will flee from you. The arena of faith is the arena of victory and hard work with the core belief that you are not alone but all forces in the cosmic and ethereal level are bound to support your mission. God will not and cannot discriminate you on the basis of your religion, color or sex but you can be beaten on the basis of your fear, doubt and anxiety. These habit of mind to doubt, fear, idle and indiscipline are destructive camp of the weak and they suffer the consequences throughout their life time and so also their generation. The arena of faith is the work place of the pure discipline and hard working being. Let faith and prayer be your virtue and principles in life. You and your generation will be blessed forever.