Aboru, aboye.

Truth is the source of action. Love, patience, kindness, self discipline, great ambition and self control are instruments of truth. What perfect tools they are and how wise and skillful are they who use them.
A man who learns that he cannot command things but that he can command himself; that he cannot coerce the will of others but that he can mold and master his own will and things serve him who serves Truth; people seek guidance of him who is master of himself. A man who cannot command himself under external stress is unfit to guide others or to control affairs of others. A man must learn to govern himself before attempting to guide others. Men who habitually give way under pressure to suspicion, resentment and anger, are unfit for greater responsibilities and higher duties and usually fail, even in the ordinary duties of life such as the management of their own family or business. Lack of self control is foolishness and folly or silly cannot take precedence of wisdom.
He who is learning how to control his turbulent and his evil thought and evil action is becoming wiser every day and the day will come when, like a wise master builder, he will rest in peace and his generation in the beautiful dwelling which he has built. Wisdom precedes self control. The life of self control is no deprivation or monotony or self suffering but renunciation of false and weak life of gluttony, immorality, destructive thought pattern, procrastination, unnecessary self pleasure, drunkeness, lack of daily physical activities, lack of daily spiritual and divine activities, self indulgence, hypocrisy and idle talk. A self controlled man is calm, enlightened and resolve in to prayer under all misfortune because he knows that things will turn around for good and the darkness of the night will surely see the light of the day. He believes in the overall infinite power that bring all things into being.
While the drunkard, the glutton and immoral lives for pleasure only. In pursuit of elusive enjoyment, man lose the abiding joys of life.
He who control his senses has most of physical life, joy and strength so he who controls his thoughts has most of spiritual life and divine power flow to him like undried river flowing to the ocean of life. Knowledge and wisdom are revealed to the wise man who controls self. The road to ignorance and selfishness are blocked and closed, while the gate of knowledge and enlightenment are open to the soul that controls self.
Start your day with prayer and end it with thanks and gratitude. It shall be well with you as long as there is an appreance of the sun.
At the road path of self control, there is the joy of victory, the consciousness of expanding and increasing power; the attainment of infinite and imperishable riches of divine knowledge and abiding happiness of service to humankind those who travel only a portion of the way will develop a strengt , achieve a success and experience a joy which the idle and the thoughtless cannot know and those who tread on this great path will become spiritual conqueror. He will triumph over evil and be patient under temptation and enjoy everlasting victory with his generation.